Ancestral Footsteps
Jacqueline  Aldridge
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Ancestral Footsteps    Jacqueline Aldridge

Professional Research from the UK

We work closely with you to bring together a highly personal itinerary based on months of meticulous advance research. This includes a full programme of places of historical interest and expert meetings connected to your ancestors, with the very best accommodation and a chauffeur-driven car at all times.
Your family history is unique so we only offer bespoke travel arrangements, however, as an indicator, our journeys tend to follow one or more of these themes:


You know very little about your family history and would like us to research your family tree and then design a tour that reveals all our discoveries as you follow in your ancestors' footsteps. We will give you a basic travel schedule and then spring surprises as we go, with a packed programme of meetings with experts and historians, visits, and the chance to pore over archive material to discover the clues that lead you to the generation before. Each day of your journey will be full of fascinating discoveries as you travel back in time to family homes, workplaces and other important locations in order to meet ancestors you had never heard of before.


You know who your ancestors were and where they lived but want a real insight into their lifestyle, work and relationships. Our research team will design a tour that provides you with a wealth of social and historical detail through an itinerary of personally guided visits to relevant locations and one to one meetings with experts and historians. We will enhance your experience by detailed archival research that may uncover newspaper articles, court reports, personnel records and photographs. At the end of your trip, you may even find that some of the stories passed down through your family turn out to be surprisingly different in actuality...


Do you have a single ancestor whose life you would like to commemorate and investigate? Perhaps they served in the forces, were victims of persecution, helped make history or achieved glory as an athlete or artist. We will check all the facts for you, search for new documentation and design a trip that really takes you to the heart of their story. An experience of this sort aims to take you very close to your ancestor's specific experiences to help you understand, commemorate and celebrate their unique life history.