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American Family History Research

How to Get Started

Begin by drafting out what is known about your family’s history. If you are new to knowing about your family, begin with yourself and write down information on your parents, grandparents and anyone else you are familiar with in your family. Contact your relatives to find out if they know more. Search your home for information. A family bible, photo album or old documents kept in storage might contain vital clues about your heritage. When this is compiled, contact Your Own Heritage with this information.

If you have already worked with a professional in the past, or perhaps have done some of your own research, choose the particular family or ancestral line you would like to have additional work on. Perhaps you have a stubborn ancestor you’ve been unable to find.

Contact us via email at for a free consultation and research plan.

What to Expect

Many people have a desire to know about their heritage but do not have the time or skills necessary to work on their families. This is where Your Own Heritage can help!

You can plan on receiving a family research project meeting all professional standards of documentation, ethics and guidelines. You will never be treated as merely one of the many, but rather as an individual with personal research goals and desires.

In most cases, within two or three weeks of ordering a project, you will have the results of the project in your hands. While generally the projects are successful with positive results, occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances the project does not reach research goals. Whether or not this occurs, every project will include a research strategy for future projects.

As a company standard, we believe that all people deserve the right to know about their heritage. For this reason, we believe in affordability. We will not cut corners on your product, nor will we charge you for unnecessary packaging. We are a no-frills company. Your research report will not be placed in a heavy binder when shipped, nor will we include unnecessary cover sheets or expensive packaging. Many companies spend as much time on research as they do designing the final product.

Latin American Family History Research

Have you ever wondered about your heritage? Ever felt a desire to locate your ancestors and learn about their lives? If you have, I would be happy to assist you in discovering your roots and learning more about your heritage.

With over 1,000 hours of research experience in Latin America, Your Own Heritage would be able to help you identify known ancestors, as well as trace beyond them into the past.

Want to be able to explore your Latin American roots yourself, but need assistance? Click “Research Trainer” so we can work together on your genealogy goals.

Every Spanish-speaking country in central and South America has its own culture, heritage and records. However, when researching these countries, in general the research strategies are the same. In general, most inhabitants are Catholic. However, during the late 19th and 20th centuries, there were immigrants from other localities in Europe and Asia who came to Spanish-speaking countries. As these people may be amongst your ancestors, they are a part of your family’s heritage.
Did you know?

Many people in Latin America have traditions that their family comes from Spain, Italy or Portugal. While discovering your roots, we will make every effort to locate origins of your family in Europe, but it is not always possible in the first research period. Every country in Latin America has its own set of resources: including census, civil registration, church records and published books to help locate European origins. We are familiar with these records and will use them to the utmost of their usefulness to track your family connections. At Your Own Heritage we have the skills necessary to locate and document your family’s history.

* Approximately 85% of Argentinans have Italian heritage.
* The Dominican Republic was the first Spanish-speaking country to begin a Civil Registration system back in 1828.
* Mexico has the largest and most complete country-wide collection of genealogical documents in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many Mexican researchers travel here for ease of research.
* Godparents often provide clues of parentage in Latin America, usually they are related to the parents.