Vitaly  Semionoff
109469 Moscow Russia Porechnaia 27-1-107
Moscow Russia
Russia 109469
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Custom Privite Tours at Ex-USSR Genealogy research at Ex-USSR

My name is Vitaly Semionoff, I am Moscovitian and I am 30.

Dear friends!

If you have some story that connected with Russia, or want to make some genealogical research in Russian or ex-USSR countries, do not hesitate to contact me.

Your ancestors is from Russia or CIA countries? And you know, that research in Russia is very difficult because of Archives disasters in World War II and Perestroika time?
Do you want to make professional history research or, may be, a film about your birthplace of your ancestors?
You do not speak Russian and afraid of Russia?

Don’t be afraid and believe me.
I am the researcher, who graduated The Historical Department of Moscow State University and have found more than 200 peoples, working in Russin TV Show ” WAIT FOR ME” - The Russian analog of American “UNSOLVED MYSTERIES” or French “PERDU DE VUE” shows.

If you have heard that genealogical business is very expensive - do not believe it. I do not take money for consulting - I take it only for result.

I am specializing in hard cases, so, if everybody told you that nothing can be done - it’s time to contact me.
Free Research Consultation
I can help you trace your genealogy in Russia.
Tailor-made Russian genealogy
project for you and your family

Yours sincerely, Vitaly Semenov. Moscow, Russia

I have Graduated Moscow State Lomonosov University 1995-2002
Department of History,
· I have had Internship in Moscow Office of The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (2002)
· Internship in Dushanbe office of The International Organization for Migration (Tajikistan 2002)
Since 2002 I have been working as a genealogist and Moscow Personal Guide. More information about me is here genealogique.wordpress.com

I take 70 USD for day (not more than 12 hours of work). I can make a transfer at the airport, special tours in Moscow (Moscow Night Sightseeing, expeditions and tours outside of Moscow at any direction), order the hotel, buy ticket.

I speak English and Russian, but read French, German, Polish.
My work at any corner of Russia costs just 10 USD more expensive than in Moscow (80 USD per day accomodation prices excluded).

In any question do not hesitate to contact me at dombaisaglara#yandex.ru