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Denise  Krueger
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Kickapoo Family Search Services    Denise Krueger

A Vernon County, WI and surrounding area resource for your family search

Family history is a wonderful puzzle that has fascinated me since childhood. As the eldest grandchild of my clans, I so enjoyed as a young one asking the old ones about the history of my family, and have undertaken the joy of the puzzle for others not related to me, and so enjoyed it. I'm 44 now, and I've done extensive census record viewing, and while not "the" expert at 1800's handwriting, I'm proud of the "lost lines" I've been able to track down through their use. Have a scanner, and can make electronic copies of photos, census records, and any documentation that you have, and can also attach them to the electronic record of that person. Helpful if you have somewhere for me to start from, but I can guarantee that I will do my very best to solve your family jigsaw puzzle. Work well with Gedcom files, and prefer the LDS database framework for it's simplicity, but can work with another if you'll provide the software. As to rate, I'm new to advertising for this, but my years in database work, extensive insurance/underwriting detail background (and my extensive database work through will make it worthwhile. $8-10 an hour, depending on the type of work, perhaps fuel surcharge if it requires a lot traveling, open to barter and blessings and the joy of helping you find your elders.
Do what you love to do, and the money and blessings will follow, right? I just LOVE family history puzzles, would be so happy to have a side line to that being doing family research, because I just love finding the old ones- "there you are!" My ex used to jest, "Aw, you're at that "where are all those dead website again, huh". I left the big city (the Milwaukee area) and a lucrative job a couple of years ago to live in these beautiful hills. Capable of taking a few boxes of stuff, with a rough family outline, and figuring things out. Information on the siblings of those you are searching for, locations, church involvement, vocation, all is helpful.