UnfoldingLineages American Mexican European
Robert  Albert Jr.
5603 Pine Canyon Drive
Bakersfield CA
USA 93313-5189
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UnfoldingLineages American Mexican European    Robert Albert Jr.

American, Mexican and European genealogical research

- Over 2 decades of genealogical research
- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hispanic Studies
- Studied many languages, including, Latin, French, Spanish, Russian, German
- Successful with many "brick-wall" immigrant ancestor research projects.
- Organize data on computer and make copies of all pertinent documents
- Fees are minimal. You get lots of information for a small price
- References available upon request.
- Many VERY happy past and present clients who will recommend my service.

Research done in the following areas:
Alsace, France Denmark Germany
México Luxembourg the Netherlands
Poland United States

Genealogical Research

If I determine that I can complete your research for you, we will then discuss the scope and detail of your project to settle upon an agreed upon strategy. I generally like to work in research blocks of 5 hours so as not to create an exorbitant cost to you at any given time. As you will see, my rates are some of the lowest available, and the chief reason for this is to allow more people to be able to utilize my services and stay within their budgets. In fact, the only cost to you that is above and beyond the direct cost to me is for my research time. For most research projects, I do not charge for travel time or gas, so that is a cost to me that gets paid from monies earned while conducting your research. This might involve travel as far as Los Angeles, which round trip is 225 miles and 5 hours in traffic!

I began doing genealogy shortly after the very first of a new TV genre, the “mini-series”, first aired back in 1977. It was Alex Haley’s ROOTS, and even at the young age of 15, I almost immediately began asking my parents to see what we knew about our own family tree. I was intrigued by just how much information that Mr. Haley had been able to gather about his own ancestors, and was able to even trace them beyond the boundaries of the United States.

Visiting the local public library in Bakersfield, CA, I found several good books on how to do genealogical research and after gathering all the information that I was able to find through living relatives (which for me wasn’t much), I started on my journey. The initial years of research were fraught with lots of learning and the pace of the research was painfully slow. It wasn’t until I finished college before I fine tuned my research skills.

I graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in May of 1985 with a BA in Hispanic Studies. One thing that I had also been interested in during my childhood were accents and languages. My family moved to Australia where I attended pre-school and kindergarten in Melbourne, returning to the US in 1969 where I attended school here in Bakersfield. I started with Spanish in 7th grade and have also studied German, French, Russian, Latin, and am comfortable with records in Danish and Dutch.

I started doing research for others back in 1989 when while doing research on my own family, I was asked to take on a project for an individual who I initially was just offering my suggestions for his research. He said that while he wanted to find out more about his ancestry, he would rather hire someone to do the actual research. That is how it all started!