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Kerstin  Jonmyren
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Sweden 38893
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Swedgenco Sweden    Kerstin Jonmyren

Professional genealogist in Sweden

Professional experience:
Founder of the Swedish Genealogy Company and a professional genealogist since 1990
Forty-some years of genealogy experience.
Teacher (mainly History).
Lecturer on Swedish emigrants, Swedish History etc.
Columnist in several Swedish genealogy magazines.

Language skills:
Fluent in English.
Fluent in Swedish (native language).
Knowledge of German, French, Hebrew, and Latin.

Teacher (four years of University studies)
Additional university studies in History and English.
Additional qualifications:
Author of the genealogy book - Boken om Vamlingbo och Sundre.
Founder, chairperson for twenty years, and today honorary member of Kalmar Genealogy Society.
Chairperson, Gotland Genealogy Society.

Swedish Genealogy Company (Swedgenco) focus on Swedish-American genealogy, and provides research services on the ancestry of Swedish-American immigrants.

Swedgenco has the experience of quickly accessing and understanding almost all available sources in Sweden.
Swedgenco also helps locating living relatives in Sweden.
Translation services are also offered if required.
To provide a broader understanding of the immigrants' (and their ancestors) living conditions in Sweden the Swedgenco premium package includes a paper exceeding 20 pages on Sweden of the past.

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