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Rachel  Davis
Yate South Glos.
England BS37 7SN
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Rachel's Genealogy Services    Rachel Davis

High Quality UK-Based Genealogical Research at an Affordable Price!

Hello there!

Are you looking for someone experienced in family history research to trace your family tree at an affordable price?

Perhaps you're wondering where someone in your family got their fiery temper or creative ability from, have got stuck with your own research or just want to find out about your family's history without having to spend hours and hours on the research.

With bases in Yate, South Gloucestershire, and Epsom, Surrey, Rachel's Genealogy Services offer high quality genealogical research to clients across the UK who are interested in learning about their family's past in England and Wales.

My name is Rachel Davis, and in 2012 at the age of 21, I decided to go freelance to make some money from my biggest hobby in order to pay my way through college and to fund my passion for genealogy (and to buy the domain name for my website!) I have over eight years of experience in the genealogical research field, having extensively researched my own and one other family (both projects are still ongoing) using a wide variety of resources, and I now want to put my expertise to use to either trace people's family history for them, or simply get them on the right track to enable them to complete their own research.

From my base in Epsom, I'm within easy reach of all main London archives (including the National Archives at Kew and the Society of Genealogists' library), aswell as being easily able to reach parish records in the counties surrounding South Gloucestershire (from my base in Yate) and Surrey, and offer very affordable rates to allow you to get the most out of researching your family history.

I can trace 2 branches of your family (e.g your grandmother's paternal and maternal side) back to 1800 for just £80, and am more than willing to travel around England and Wales for archive and parish records research provided some additional costs towards travel (and accomodation where applicable) are paid. My hourly rate is £5 per hour outside my "package" prices. I'm like a dog with a bone when it comes to my research and can often be found glued to the computer screen at 2am trying to find that one elusive person! I also thoroughly enjoy undertaking pre-1800 research using parish records, although it can be something of a challenge.

I have a lot of experience with rooting out unusual surnames and the problems associated with them, i.e misspelled or mis-transcribed names on records - If anything this has taught me that having lots of unusual surnames in your family can be a blessing and a curse in this business!

I am also able to offer family tree charts (both blank and pre-printed) and other genealogical goodies, and some blank charts in digital format come with all research I undertake.

For more information please feel free to visit my website.

I look forward to working with you soon!