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International On-Site Genealogy Research
ProGenealogists, Inc. announces the availability of on-site research in Canada, Europe, Ireland, Britain, and Eastern Europe. Researchers with extensive experience in on-site research in the Old World who make frequent trips to Europe can provide research, documentation, photographs, and facilitate contacts with distant cousins. When records for your ancestral home town are not available through the Family History Library, or other convenient means, this service can open up those records to reveal priceless documentation of your family before they emigrated from Europe.

Current countries available:
Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Wales and the Ukraine. Other countries - please inquire.

On-site Research can include:
● In-depth research in national, provincial, church, local libraries and archives in search of available church records, land records, military records, censuses, published genealogies, and other manuscripts and legal documents that pertain to your ancestors.
● Once identified, ancestral churches, cemeteries and villages will be visited. Your ancestor may have been baptized, married, or buried in these places. We can take photos of pertinent tombstones and transcribe them, and sometimes photographs of the old church books (pending permission from the cleric), as well. In many towns and villages, old church books and headstones still exist. And, in some places, the actual old homes and other sites important to your immigrant family are also still visible. These can be well-documented, photographed, and shared with you upon our return.
● ProGenealogists researchers will track down and contact cousins in Europe in search of family histories, heirlooms to photograph, photos, and more.

Requesting an Evaluation:
If you would like a detailed accounting of what research can be accomplished and what records can be reviewed regarding your family in the time period and country in which they lived, then you can request a professional evaluation. There is a fee for this evaluation, but it is well worth the investment, because it is yours to keep and pursue on your own, with no further obligation to ProGenealogists. The evaluation will include specific details about sources available in your country of origin which would pertain to your family and to your research goals. --> Request an Evaluation

Cost Detail for On-Site Research:
On-site research is $55 per hour, plus travel and lodging expenses. Each research day will include approximately 10 hours of research work, with at least 3 of those 10 hours allotted for document preparation and report writing. The minimum contracted time for overseas research is 20 hours, which represents 2 days' work. Travel expenses include pro-rated airfare, car rental, room and a per diem. These are all prorated among other clients requesting research in that region. You'll be given some estimates, ahead of time, regarding the approximate travel expenses.

The only additional fees that your research might incur are the cost of photocopies or other document access fees. Once we receive your request for an evaluation, we will let you know when the next trip to that country will be and we can give you a cost estimate, as well. --> Request an Evaluation