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Professional Genealogists at the Family History Library!

ProGenealogists ® is committed to providing you excellent family history research. We have several expert full-time professional genealogists staffing our firm, and we work with over 700 genealogists in locations all over the world. Genealogists on our research team have over 120 years cumulative research experience and they are experts in their chosen specialties. Specialists are available in areas of immigration, heir research, American, Native American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Italian, English, Polish, German, Hungarian, Slovak research and much more. Many of our colleagues are credentialed, most are published authors, and all are ready and eager to help you. Every research report produced by ProGenealogists is peer reviewed before it is shipped to you.

Because every family history is unique, we customize our research services to fit your needs, whatever those needs might be. But for the purpose of offering you an outline, we have three basic service options:

1) A simple record search. Fees for this service start at $39.95 per item or, if work is quoted hourly, record search rates start at $40/hr. Just let us know the record you would like to obtain, and we'll provide you an estimate. We have access to archives all over the North America and Western Europe, and we can typically retrieve records in 7 to 10 business days.

2) A mini-project (4 hours of professional research). We'll check the most logical sources working to document and extend the line. It includes a list of records consulted, copies of docs and a short 1 page summary. This option is best suited for introductory (find out what we can do for you), post 1850 United States research. Immigration, International and problem solving research should not be considered for this project - these require the attention of our full service in-depth research service.

3) A full service in-depth research project (10 hour minimum) We'll conduct extensive research on the family - checking logical records sources and working to document and extend the family. This project includes a list of records consulted, copies of docs and a formal, extensive, and cited report. There is a tour of these document types at, if you'd like to review those. When the project is successful, family group sheets and pedigree charts reflecting the new information can be produced. This work is delivered by priority mail.

Of course, the latter option will give us the most time to really dig into the family history and provide you more expanded ancestry research. The more time you offer a professional genealogist, the more they can do for you. But, some people only need a simple record search and so our first service option suits them fine. Others like to try our mini-project services before making the leap into in-depth research. The choice is yours. We guarantee that we will search logical records sources, provide expert analysis, and give you an honest appraisal of the project's likelihood for continued success. There are many variables that determine the success and speed of research progress, but we are very frugal and intelligent with our research time for our clients.

If you'd like a free estimate, travel here We're waiting to hear from you!

Best wishes for success in your research endeavors. When you run out of time or hit a brick wall, call us toll-free at 800-596-3230.

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