Melanie  Sbroja
1 Tarago Place DUFFY ACT
Australia 2611
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Preservetime    Melanie Sbroja

Complete and affordable genealogy research service in Australia and the United Kingdom

Do you want to learn more about your origins? Do you have an ancestor that served in the war? Are you looking for relatives? I have been researching family histories for nearly 20 years. I have helped hundreds of people in these years with their family history and have treated each one as if it were my own. I research every available avenue and treat each case with the personal touch it deserves. I have access to a vast range of records which I have listed below, and exclusive access to records not available to the public as yet. My fees are very reasonable I believe for the time and effort I put into each family history. I am always happy to offer free advice wherever I can for those who wish to do the research by themselves. I am happy to research any request whether it be a full family history or a search on a single individual. I aim to inform the enquirer throughout the process of what steps I am taking and will never order any certificates etc without consent first. I look forward to hearing from you.