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Marie  Cahill
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Oak Ancestry    Marie Cahill

Irish genealogy professional services

Oak Ancestry provide a high quality professional research service at a highly competitive rate for anyone with Irish ancestry. Our Family Research Reports are beautifully presented and also make for an exciting and unique gift.

Marie is an experienced genealogist having carried out research for clients of the Irish Ancestry Research Centre. She is a member of the Genealogical Society of Ireland and is an active volunteer (cuarteoir) for Cuímhneamh an Chláir, an organisation aimed at archiving and preserving the oral heritage and traditions of county Clare. Marie has also been involved with digitisation projects for Clare County council, Clare library and the Clare Heritage and Genealogy Research Centre.

Her genealogical and historical studies have covered many areas of Irish Ancestry Studies and she holds a Masters Degree in the History of Family from the University of Limerick.

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"The future needs roots to grow"