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Kirsty F.  Wilkinson
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My Ain Folk - Scotland Research    Kirsty F. Wilkinson

Professional Scottish Family History Research - Discover more about your Scottish Ancestors!


Problems with Old Handwriting? Perplexed by Palaeography? Let My Ain Folk transcribe your hard to read old Scottish and English documents.

My transcription service is designed specifically for genealogists and the old documents frequently used in family history research including parish records, wills, testaments and deeds.

I can read old forms of English and Scottish handwriting and provide explanations of unusual words and phrases, giving you the help you need to advance in your research.

You supply a copy of the document to be transcribed either as a good photocopy or as a digital image via email. In return I will provide you with a semi-diplomatic transcription with accompanying notes and a full modern transcript where appropriate.

Please send a copy of your document to either or to my postal address to get a free quote.