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My father, Geoffrey Copus, who started researching local and family history over 65 years ago, continues to be very interested in matters genealogical and historical and especially in the local and family history of Chelsfield in Kent (his recent book, "Chelsfield Chronicles", has been well received). He and my mother Brenda have now been retired for some time, but were themselves professional genealogists for many years. Like myself, though, they have never aspired to a great knowledge of the history of Copus families unrelated to our own. I am perfectly willing to consider researching other Copus families where feasible, but although invariably offering a discount for such research, as a full-time genealogical researcher I do have to make a reasonable charge even for this.

My parents keep in touch with many branches of the extended family, so that it has been quite rare for someone to contact us, who is connected with our particular Copus family, but who was not previously known to us. However, since the publication of the original version of this present article in March 2007, I have been both surprised and delighted to be contacted by no less than three previously unknown people who are researching families clearly related to my own. Not only that, but their interests (and connections to myself and my family) lie in quite separate branches of the extended family, though in each case the connection can be traced back to the Lambeth and Marylebone areas of London (Surrey and Middlesex respectively) in the 19th Century.

There had previously, over many years, been just one notable new Copus contact - in the 1990s, Mrs. Gillian Poland from Essex contacted me, and turned out to be relatively closely connected to my own family, although that connection was, it must be said, around 200 years ago. My great-great-great-grandparents Charles Copus and Kezia Baker were married at St. Mary, Bryanston Square, Marylebone, in 1827. Charles and Kezia Copus went on to have several children baptised at the parish church of St. Mary, Bryanston Square, including my great-great-grandfather Cyrus Copus (1841-1921). Gill Poland's ancestors, George Copus (brother of my own ancestor Charles Copus) and his wife Harriet, had several children baptised there as well, one being a daughter whom they also named Harriet (born and baptised in 1838), who married John William Morley at St. Thomas, Portman Square, Marylebone, in 1859, from which couple Gill is descended.

Cyrus Copus married Louisa Anley (1841-1926) at St. Mary Lambeth, Surrey (now London) in 1862. They had numerous children baptised at St. Mark, Kennington, Lambeth, including George Frederick Copus, who, although born in 1868, was not baptised until 1876 - three of his siblings, Emma, Charles and Eliza, also being baptised at the same time. Their brother Walter Henry Copus had been baptised soon after his birth in 1873, his being the first Copus baptism to be found in the registers of St. Mark Kennington. In the baptismal entries, the parents' address was given as 22 Clapham Road, while the father Cyrus Copus was consistently described as either an "Undertaker" or (later) a "Funeral Director". Some members of the next generation were also baptised there, including Ernest Wray Copus (1895-1897), the first son of George Frederick Copus, baptised early in 1896, and who sadly died aged only 1 year.

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