Scottish Research in Scotland
Alan J.L.  MacLeod
51/3 Mortonhall Road
Edinburgh Scotland
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Scottish Research in Scotland    Alan J.L. MacLeod

Researcher with over 25 years experience in Scottish genealogical research

I am a researcher with over 25 years experience in Scottish genealogical research. I am a member and accredited researcher of the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (ASGRA) and all research is undertaken by myself.

I have worked in and travelled throughout Scotland for 50 years and, as a result, have a close and intimate knowledge of the local geography, history, place names and people of Scotland. This can be a most useful asset when building a broader picture of a family and its history.

I undertake research for all parts of Scotland into all aspects of Genealogy and family history. Some of these and some of the records to which I have ready access are listed on my services page.

I also undertake research in more obscure records to try to progress research which has, apparently, been halted by "lack of records". I am a specialist in solving difficult problems.

For further details of my services please contact me. I shall be delighted to hear from you.


I can research your ancestry/family history as far back as you wish to go or the records will allow. Typically, these would use, first, statutory and Old Parish Registers; census records, monumental inscriptions; Kirk Session records, property records etc.and develop into many other available records. The research can be basic or more detailed to reveal more of your ancestors lives, conditions, explanations of occupations etc.



Remember that not all members of a family left Scotland. Siblings of emigrants may have remained here and by finding their living descendants the present can be used to find the past. This can be most rewarding - in human terms and as a means of finding information about early generations - often not available in the records.


I specialise in solving particularly difficult research problems. I live and work in Edinburgh where all the Scottish records are held. I have ready access to the very wide range of records available here. I can use these to try to find ways around difficult problems. Sometimes, a problem can be overcome by moving from the main research line, taking a different route, and returning to the main line at a later stage.

Ancestry | Family history | Living relatives | Sighting and copying of certificates etc. | Army records | Testaments (Wills). | Property records. | Judiciary records. | Old newspapers (Obituaries, death notices & event reports.) | Non conformist denomination records. | Monumental inscriptions. | Kirk Session records. | Old maps. | University, school and professional organisations