Kick Down Brick Walls
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Albany NY
USA 12203-9721
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Kick Down Brick Walls    Diane Ptak

If your ancestors are there, we can find them!

Diane Ptak, MS(2), UE, Researcher, Author and Speaker
For a Free Consultation E-mail or phone (518)456-3370
Extensive Research Services
Board Certified, 1986 - 2011
30+ Years of Experience
We help clients identify and locate missing ancestors/relatives and solve family history problems.
We have literally KICKED DOWN 1000's of BRICK WALLS.

Our research specialties include the US (New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern States, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, California and Wisconsin, etc.)
and Europe (UK, N. Ireland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, etc.)
plus lineage societies, missing persons, adoptions and estate heir research, military search services, locating passenger lists and resolving those elusive twenty year old ancestral BRICK WALLS.
If your ancestors are there, we can find them !