People Search in Britain
Karen  Bali
27 Reeves Way Bursledon

02380 562243

People Search in Britain    Karen Bali

British living relatives found, descendant searching - trace new cousins & lost relatives UK

Specialist genealogist with more than 10 years experience. AGRA accredited and member of APG. Free initial e-mail consultation. An expert in tracing family records forward to find living descendants of the family your ancestors left behind. Searches cover England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Read The People Finder by Karen Bali

Q. How do I find someone I've lost touch with ?

A. Read The People Finder

Losing touch with family members and loved ones is more common today than ever before. A house move, a lost address book or even a change of phone numbers can be all it takes. Whatever your reasons for searching, The People Finder offers real life case studies and advice on:

What to do before you start
Tips on researching
Where to find public records
How to contact specialist organisations
What to look for on the internet
How to approach someone for information
How to keep in touch and plan reunions
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