Translator in Swedish, Danish and English.
Karin  Jensen-Allen
Salt Lake City Utah
USA 84108
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Translator in Swedish, Danish and English.    Karin Jensen-Allen

Translator in Swedish, Danish and English.

I am a native Dane who has lived in America for 21 years. I am fluent in all three languages. I have personal access to the genealogy library in Salt Lake City. I am familiar with the old archaic Danish style of writing as well as current colloquial use of the Danish language. I have experience in teaching Danish and I was recently hired to translate old Danish records and family letters into English and completed the job to the great satisfaction of my clients. I was born in Sweden, and lived there for 7 years. I am familiar with Danish geography and visit there often.

I have worked as a tour guide at Temple Square in Salt Lake as well as a guide at a living history site where I have assisted visitors from Scandinavia who were researching facts and details about their heritage.

Please email or call with any questions about your project, and we can negotiate the fee together.

Thank You