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Brewster's Genealogy Services    Heather Brewster

Providing searches within Manitoba and Canada. Specializing in Canadian and Great Britain searches.

At some point in our lives for whatever our reasons we feel a need to know who we are. Needing a connection to our ancestors and our families. Perhaps your search isn't for those before you but those you've lost contact with.

I have over 20 years of experience and can help you find the answers in your family. Locating a long lost relative or tracing your family roots can be a lengthy and exhaustive process. Let Brewster's Genealogy Services find the answers for you.

What I have to offer you is my knowledge of Canadian, Scottish and English research and records. My services are diverse and custom tailored to your needs. I can perform the work for you or, if you prefer, I can simply guide you through the process. I am committed to providing quality services at a reasonable cost. My clients have complete control over the goals of their project and the amount spent. I will stay within your budget. Contact me today for an initial, no-obligation consultation.

Starting Your Search...

Information that I will require.

To begin any family search, I will need to have a basis of information. Anything that you can tell me, dates, names and places will aid me in finding your family roots. Below are a list of questions that I will need you to have filled out to the best of your abilities.
* Who/what is the name of the person/surname that you want me to research?
* When were they born?
* Where were they born?
* When did they immigrate?

Country of origin?

If you do not have much to go on, I will need you to provide me with as much as you have, basically how far back can you go yourself? Even giving me your Great Grandfathers name and where he was born may be enough to go back as far as I can. Ask family members, clergy, anyone you can think of that can give you enough information for me to work with. Find out if they were in the Military or in any organizations. Anything can be a lead.