Jane  Harris
Stirling Scotland
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Janealogy    Jane Harris

Scottish genealogy and family history

Janealogy’s Scottish family history research is tailored to what you want to find out and to your budget. That could be: a full family tree going back several generations; accessing and transcribing documents not available online; tackling a ‘brick wall’.

At the start

- We’ll clarify what you want to find out. I will tell you if I think the research is likely to yield little information.
- Agree the scope of the research, how much it will cost
- I’ll need copies of documents you already have or work you have done to avoid duplication

When the work is complete I provide a report*

- In print, on CD or electronically
- Including transcripts of birth, marriage, death and census or other relevant records, or copies of records if you’ve asked for them
- With ancestor or descendant charts if relevant
- Detailing any unsuccessful searches (they take research time too)
- Fully referenced