Jessica's Genealogy Research Service
Jessica  McManus
Corsicana Texas
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Jessica's Genealogy Research Service    Jessica McManus

Jessica's Affordable Genealogy Research Service

No project or budget is too small!

Research Fees Begin at only $11.50/hour

I will work with you to ensure you can afford to discover your family heritage, even if it means working an hour at a time!

I specialize in Cherokee Research.

I have access to many online subscription databases as well as LDS databases, Census images and 2 well equipped genealogy libraries. I have over 7 years experience in researching genealogy and have my own family line traces back to the 1300's.

I have knowledge of the Indian rolls as well as Emmitt Starr's Genealogy of the Cherokee. I specialize in Cherokee Research. I also have access to images of Dawes Application Packets.

If you are looking to verify Cherokee Blood, please remember that only Cherokee who removed to the OKLAHOMA reservations will be on the Dawes rolls. The Dawes rolls are the only proof that the US government and the Oklahoma Cherokee tribe use for enrollment purposes.
*****So if your ancestors were not living in Oklahoma at the time of the Dawes Rolls, then you will most likely NOT be able to join the Oklahoma Tribe.*****

I can also do social security searches and public record searches to help locate living persons.

This is useful in finding lost relatives or collecting child support.