Italian Family Tree
Carolyn  Ugolini
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Italian Family Tree    Carolyn Ugolini

Professional Italian Genealogy Research

The following are a list of my services:

* Ascendancy research (All direct lines from one individual, including siblings) to as far as civil and church records go.
* Descendancy research (All descendants to a stipulated generation.)
* Correspondence in Italian with Civil and Ecclesiastical Authorities for birth, death and marriage extractions.
* Copies of original birth (baptism), marriage, death records from microfilm of civil and church records.
* Translation of documents or letters from Italian and Latin. Help in find living relatives in Italy.
* On site research in Italy (and art history tours.)
* U.S. Federal Census research.
* U.S. Social Security Death Index Search.
* U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Research.
* Database Searches.
* Passenger List and Ship Searches (including determining immigrant's ship, copy of passenger list and where possibk, copy of photo of ship.)
* Analysis of surname.
* History of town, province and/or region in Italy.
* Military records (both U.S. and Italian (where possible.)
* Heraldry and coats of arms (including design of coats of arms.)
* Coming soon: Decorative Family Trees, suitable for hanging.
* Photo Scanning
* Explanation of occupations.
* Family History Books.
* In additional, American and English genealogical research, including research of land, probate records, etc. in addition to the previous services.

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