Irish Townland Maps
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Irish Townland Maps   

Ordnance Survey maps of Ireland, surveyed between 1829 and 1843

For those involved with Irish genealogy this is the most important map collection ever published. Surveyed between 1829 and 1843, the maps are packed with detail and are of superb quality and craftsmanship. They are both an excellent gift for anyone with an interest in Ireland and a wonderful source of information for researchers.

The maps that form the Past Homes collection are the First Edition 6 inch scale Ordnance Survey maps of Ireland, surveyed between 1829 and 1843 - also known as the "Townland maps". Those involved in Irish genealogy regard them as the most important maps ever produced as they were the first maps to accurately show the boundaries and names of all the Townlands, Parishes and Baronies in Ireland.

As well as genealogists, the maps are of great interest to anyone of Irish descent or who have a connection with Ireland, as they invoke memories of places once visited and show how an area has changed over time.

Past Homes have scanned the original historical documents in full colour and at a high resolution so that our map images are as faithful a reproduction of the originals as possible.

The 6 inch maps were originally published on over 1,900 individual map sheets covering the whole of Ireland. This has meant that identifying a map sheet or sheets covering a particular area of interest has been difficult, especially when the area of interest spans one or more map sheets. Past Homes have scanned, cropped, geo-referenced and digitally stitched the maps together to create seamless mapping layers for each of the 32 Irish counties.

The Past Homes collection means that for the first time full colour site-centred seamless historical maps of Ireland are available to the public. This unique service allows far easier access to the wealth of knowledge stored in these beautiful documents.

The collection also includes the Index to the Townland Survey County maps (or County Index maps) which were produced at the same time as the 6 inch maps. Ranging in scale from 1.5 to 3 miles to the inch, each county is mapped in its entirety and is overlaid with a numbered grid representing the extents and geographical coverage of each 6 inch sheet for that county.

Each County Index map also contains other valuable information such as a legend to the writings, characteristics and topographical references shown on the 6 inch maps. Some Index maps also show municipal borough and parliamentary boundary diagrams in their margins. They are highly detailed and decorative, showing all Barony and Parish boundaries and names and they have become very valuable and important maps in their own right.

The maps in the Past Homes collection were originally published between 1833 and 1846, just prior to the great famine. They provide an unprecedented insight into life at the time by capturing the physical characteristics of Ireland during a period of great upheaval, hardship and mass emigration. However, the reason for the maps being produced is not quite so dramatic, as taxation was the driving force behind their creation.