Heritage Genealogy
Carole  Riley
PO Box 2209
Hornsby NSW
Australia 2077
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Heritage Genealogy    Carole Riley

Professional Australian researcher specialising in New South Wales genealogy

Understand where you've come from!

I am a professional researcher based in Sydney, Australia, with many years of experience in New South Wales research with full access to the major repositories such as State Records NSW and the NSW Department of Lands. My knowledge and experience in locating and accessing records is a major advantage in the systematic and efficient research that I provide. I am a Councillor of the Society of Australian Genealogists and member of their IT Committee, and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

I undertake all types of research, from the search and retrieval of specific documents such as immigration passenger lists, convict records and probate files to compilations of substantial family trees and histories. I can help you trace a line of your family tree back to your convict or immigrant ancestor, build the whole tree for you, or help you when you are stuck.

I believe that a knowledge of your family's past is essential to an understanding of who you are. Most Australian families have originally come from somewhere else, and this history has shaped what they did and why. Secrets about family origins, such as convict ancestors, or assisted immigrants from dubious locations, can and should be uncovered.

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