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Ancestry Research    Gordon McPhaiI

Ancestral research / Living descendants traced / regular lectures and college courses in all aspects of genealogy

About the researcher

Gordon McPhail has been running a professional, full—time ancestry research service since 1985 and has worked for thousands of clients from both the U.K. and abroad.

As well as researching for his individual clients, he runs college courses in the west central Scotland area in genealogy and lectures in the subject at various venues. He is also a published writer in the field appearing in a variety of magazines (such as ‘Family Tree Magazine’) and in national press.

To commission research

Our service involves a number of set fees — £115 £230 £345 — and obviously the greater the fee chosen, the more will be found on your ancestry.

How much will you get? We will, even for our first listed charge, guarantee to extend your family tree by at least 3 generations from what you currently know.

PAYMENT: You can actually pay for your research either before or after you receive the results of our investigations. Cheques to be made payable to ‘Gordon McPhail’.

Service Information

The records used are wide and varied. To begin with we always use the certificates of BIRTH, MARRIAGE AND DEATH and CENSUS RECORDS which carry a lot of information including occupations, ages, specific addresses etc. Beyond these we can consult WILLS, GRAVESTONE RECORDS, SOURCES CONCERNING PARTICULAR ANCESTORS’ OCCUPATIONS, LAND RECORDS (even if your ancestor owned a tiny plot), INHERITANCE RECORDS : all these carry a great amount of ancestral detail. Also: OLD SOCIAL SECURITY RECORDS, MAPS, OLD PHOTOGRAPHS OF PLACES RELEVANT TO ANCESTORS, OLD HOSPITAL RECORDS, OLD NEWSPAPERS for a variety of reasons.


The documents will be contained in a presentation book and be accompanied by a family tree.

Note: if you are starting with an emigrant/immigrant ancestor please supply all known information: obviously you will not be expected to know as much detail in terms of immediate ancestry as had you been starting with yourself; however please supply ANY dates and places etc., that you know about.

If in the course of research an English, Welsh or Irish link arises then this can be investigated in relevant records as far as you require.