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The German American Connection     Ute Mehlhorn

German Ancestry Tours - Travel to your family roots!

German Ancestry Tours
Travel to your German family roots with TGAC

For those who have their family roots in Germany, TGAC offers a new and very individual travel service: We plan, organize and escort a tailor-made trip to Germany for you and your family to the places where your German ancestors came from. In addition to the trip planning service, we also assist you with family history research in Germany. Our bilingual Germany specialist and guide Ute Boese can find and contact local genealogists, historical clubs, mayors, pastors, archives and even living descendants. These personal contacts make your German ancestry trip unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course we combine the visit of your ancestors' places with the beautiful tourist attractions, authentic German food, family-run hotels and restaurants, German handcraft, beautiful countryside and much more - depending on your ideas and wishes...

Example 1: The Eschberger - Ihlo German Ancestry Tour:
This wonderful custom trip took 12 members of the Eschberger and Ihlo families from Texas on a very special journey. We saw many beautiful tourist attractions but the centerpiece of the trip was the visit of the region where their German ancestors came from - Woerlitz and Serno in Saxony-Anhalt. We had the privilege to see the original church registers with the baptism records from the late 1700s and the early 1800s, we got a special tour guided by Serno's mayor and we have met living Eschberger descendants... A great and unique custom trip with long lasting memories and much fun...

Family Research article in the German Life magazine Dec/Jan 2011 by James M. Beidler about the TGAC German Ancestry Tours. Quote: "...what makes the service special is both the custom trip planning as well as offering assistance in family history research in Germany... Every tour is different and individually tailored to the needs, wishes, and budget of the group..."

Example 2: Kochendorfer-Lenk German Ancestry Tour 2012:
This individual custom trip took a couple from Florida on a wonderful journey to the places of their German ancestors. Together with TGAC, they did some more family history research in Germany with the help of local historians and archive staff. So new interesting pieces of information were added to the family puzzle. Visiting the villages, churches and museums as well as encounters with locals provided an unique insight of the history and character of their ancestors' homes. Another special tailor-made trip to Germany with long lasting memories and much fun...

Example 3: The Abrahams-Stark trip to Germany 2011:
This was a special custom day excursion for the Abrahams couple to the birthplace of Mr. Abraham's mother. They were on a riverboat cruise on the Main river in Germany and one stop was Wurzburg - only about 25 kilometers away from Uffenheim and Ermetzhofen. We have arranged a visit of the Jewish cemetery when the Abrahams were accompanied by the mayor of Ermetzhofen who also invited them for lunch at a local small country pub. In Uffenheim, the mayor also joined us for a museum visit, where the curator had prepared a display of books and records they have saved over time. For the history the Abrahams were able to photograph all documents, items and gravestones. They say, this was the highlight of the entire trip.