Gengenie Research
Shirley  Obrzud
12 Cedar Street
Dunbar East Lothian
Scotland EH42 1PX
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Gengenie Research    Shirley Obrzud

Scottish Family History and Probate Research

Gengenie Research have a growing clientele of Solicitors who use our services to help them locate beneficiaries of Will’s left by their clients as well as members of the public who use our services to prove their connection to estates.

Gengenie Research specialize in researching cases which have Scottish connections although we research cases covering the whole of the UK. Estates which come to our attention may have been sitting on the Queens and Lord Treasures Remembrancer List (QLTR) or The Bona Vacantia List (TSoL) for many years and once we research them we will contact the relevant heirs to inform them of their possible inheritance.