Margaret  Andrzejewska-Bancewicz
Gdynia Gdansk
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ASTRA-TOURS     Margaret Andrzejewska-Bancewicz

Gdansk genealogy tour

Poland is one of the former emigration hot spots. Polish people of different denominations (Roman Catholic, Jews or Mennonites) used to emigrate for different reasons (political, economic or religious)to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Brazil in the 19th and 20th centuries.

If you want to explore your family history in order to learn who your ancestors were and what places and events shaped their lives, if you have old documents and pictures, however, it is
difficult to locate your ancestor's birthplace, We have the professional experience and the access to retrieve the documents that will prove your heritage.

This trip - family roots/genealogy research is to help you learn about your family's unique history, traditions, origins, emigration and how those things led to your life.
This tailored-made tour to Gdansk and neighbouring places includes research in national and church archives and a short walk in your ancestors' footsteps.


If you wish to walk in your ancestors' footsteps, I can offer the following services:

Research on the name of your ancestors:
- Providing of all kind of documentation that can be found in Polish state archives and religious records
- Arrangement of Meetings with Polish Relatives
- Organisation of your individual visit in the north of Poland including driver-guide, translation and travel-assistance
You may visit the churches where your ancestors were baptized, apartments where they grew up and the churches, synagogues, where the grandparents were married or the cemetaries they are burried.

Visit to the Museum of Emmigration in Gdynia.

My experiences that you will get more than you expect.
- You may come for a visit and leave as a member of your Polish family .
These travels are very individual. Depending where your ancestors lived, we will work out together a sightseeing program to learn more about the history and the region.