Ericsson Sweden Genealogy
Dick  Eriksson
Norrtullsgatan 15
Sweden 113 29
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Ericsson Sweden Genealogy    Dick Eriksson

Genealogy Research in Sweden



· Tracing your ancestry: Professional genealogist will help you with short research tasks or more expanded in-depth research projects.

· Researching descendants: Professional genealogist will help you find the descendants from any of your ancestors. SPECIALITY: Finding your now living relatives, and arrange for a family-reunion.

· Searching records: Professional genealogist will search specific records for your behalf.

· Deciphering handwriting.

· Translation of documents in old or new script from Swedish to English.

· Photographs of the homestead, parish-church, tombstone and so on....

· Maps over your ancestors home-parish, and short history of the region.

· FEE: $40/hour plus expenses.

· GET STARTED: Provide me with all the information you have on the persons you want research on, like names, dates of marriges, births, deaths and emigration-years. That information will be my starting point.

Don´t hesitate to contact me!