New Research
Jan   Pilat
Skolni 848/2
Horni Slavkov
Czech Republic 357 31
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New Research    Jan Pilat

Research within the Czech Republic and Slovakia

New Research is a genealogical company with many years professional experience that offers you assistance in searching for your family ancestry roots and surveying of other remarkable data related to their lives. We perform our research within the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our genealogical offer includes:

Search in all archives in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Tracking of dates of birth, marriage and death.

Special surveys (i.e. search for information related to the standing of the family, its social and assets profile, school, military issues, search for identical surnames of living persons within the given location, copies of land register maps etc.).

Search for living family relatives (this search is unfortunately limited by the private information protection law; its execution would require a written power of attorney evidencing a direct family link to the surveyed individuals).

Visits to locations (taking pictures of municipalities, towns inclusive of parishes, residences of your ancestors, procurement of maps, cards, history of locations).

Procurement of the oldest cadastral maps (indicative sketches) of your ancestors‘ localities (possibly others)

And other services ...

Outcomes of our search are always submitted in a report containing in-depth data about the comprehensive search in English, German, French, or other language as the case may be.