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Jan  Caluwaerts
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Belgium Research    Jan Caluwaerts

Professional genealogical research in Belgium

Jan Caluwaerts, a Professional Genealogical researcher and consultant with over twenty years of experience, is specialized in detailled historical research in Belgium (Flanders, Brussels, Antwerp and the Walloon provinces).

Specialized Services
- tracing and transcripting French, Dutch/Flemish, Latin documents (15th-20th c.)
- assistance with Immigration and Emigration problems (record tracing)
- access to a full range of records in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and France with field trips possible.
- heraldry and nobility research
- a detailed list of sources examined and provided
- history of properties and works of art
- hereditary research assisting notaries and sollicitors
- you will obtain an attractively presented, detailed family tree, with a summary and explanation of the research process (see the website).

Jan Caluwaerts writes articles on different aspects of research methods and family history. Author of several genealogical reference books on early immigration (to Brussels, Leuven/Louvain, Antwerp dated before 1800). Also completed a series of articles in catalogues for exhibitions (e.g. ‘Petrus Phalesius’ September 2005). He also undertakes research for books and television programs in Belgium.

Books available: new citizens (‘burghers’) in the following cities:
ANTWERP (Antwerpen, Anvers) : new citizens in the 18th century (1701-1800)
cd-rom : 47 euro (order :

BRUSSELS (Bruxelles): (Poorters van Brussel - Bourgeois de Bruxelles 1350-1795)
new citizens between 1600-1695 : 43 euro (order this book :
new citizens between 1695-1795 : 53 euro (order this book :
soon : new citizens in the 14th-16th century

LEUVEN (Louvain) Poorters van Leuven (Bourgeois de Louvain)
new citizens in the 16th century : 25 euro (order this book :
new citizens in the 17th century : 33 euro (order this book :
soon : new citizens in the 18th century