Carpenter Genealogical Services
D. Jane  Carpenter
Salt Lake City UT
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Carpenter Genealogical Services    D. Jane Carpenter

Professional Genealogy Company based in Salt Lake City

Carpenter Genealogical Services (CGS) is a fully trained professional
genealogical research group that enjoys helping people with newly-found
genealogical interests, as well as those who have already begun their quest to
build their family tree.

  • Genealogical research projects of ten, fifteen, twenty or more hours are
    available through CGS. Inquiries of ten or more hours generally produce the
    best results no matter what the long-term research goals may be.

  • A long-term genealogical research investigation might include an
    analysis and extension of one specific family line or an entire lineage
    search of each surname including collateral families. The project may also
    include verification and documentation of previous research and family

  • Research field trips to various locations in Europe and the United
    States are taken on an 'as needed' basis.

  • On this website you will find information needed to start or continue
    your genealogical journey. Please follow the links and see what we have to

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