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Bucks Heritage Research    Anne Holmes

Family and local history research service for the English counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and beyond

Perhaps you live in an old house and wonder who has lived there in previous years. How old is the house? Is it in the same form as when it was built? It may not just be one house but a collection of buildings or possibly commercial premises. There was no numbering of houses in a road or street until the latter part of the nineteenth century. A house may have a name and still retain that same name today, alternatively the name of a house may have changed not just once but several times over the course of its history. This is where a little local knowledge can be of great use.
The history of a house can be researched from several perspectives. It can be researched from an architectural history perspective that is dealing with the bricks and mortar of a building, the material fabric and its style. The history of a building can also be researched from surviving documentation or a combination of both. Architectural history is a specialised discipline; however there is a great deal of information that can be discovered about the history of a house from surviving documentation. This documentation may include land registry documents, title deeds, photographs, old and modern maps, manorial records, Wills, census returns, county histories, electoral registers, local directories, sale catalogues and local rates and tax records.