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My Bella Basilicata   

Genealogy research, ancestral tours, trip planning assistance in southern Italy

Based in Basilicata, we offer on-site genealogy research, document procurement, and family history assistance. We are based in Basilicata and offer research in Campania and Puglia, in addition to Basilicata. Our services include: obtaining documents, family lineage research, locating living family relations, uncovering family stories and local lore, finding your ancestors’ homes where they lived, and putting the information together for you. We can help you come and make the most of your genealogy journey but planning an itinerary, accompanying you to your ancestral town, and translating for you in the local offices and on the street.

Our research experience and local contacts mean we will find the information you’re looking for! We will help make your ancestral journey a reality with a perfectly-planned “back to your roots” trip so you can walk the streets, taste the foods and see the sights your ancestors knew so well.

We don’t just look online, we go to the town hall, the church and provincial archives to get the most complete history possible. We knock on doors, make phone calls, talk to townspeople, and follow up with records clerks!

Valerie has a history degree and is a member of APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) with experience handling historical documents; with many years in the tourism industry she can help you plan and enjoy a perfect ancestral tour. She researched her family tree in Basilicata-and now she lives there! She is fluent in Italian and goes the extra mile to track down the traces of your family tree.

My Bella Basilicata is your onsite expert for genealogy research, trip planning assistance, ancestral tours, and document procurement in Basilicata, Campania and Puglia.