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FamilyThreadsGenealogy Maryland, Kenneth & Elaine Zimmerman

FamilyThreadsGenealogy Maryland

We will gladly discuss your research problem with you and ensure that both of us clearly understand what you want us to accomplish. A research plan will be developed, outlining what we will do to find the information you want. We will then conduct the research, analyze the findings, and report them.

Scope of Research
We will first define your goals, analyzing the issues, and developing a research plan. This can vary depending on the nature of your research project and the amount of previous research done. Simple tasks, such as performing a record search or evaluating a lineage, may take less time than developing a genealogy from the beginning.

A report will identify all sources searched, including negative and positive results; suggestions for further research will be given.

Guarantee or Warrantee

As professional genealogists we cannot guarantee that we will find the specific information you need. We will look at all known sources or only ones you specify. For example if a census taker missed your great-grandfather house, we will not be able to find his name in the census. If the Archives is missing a Criminal Court Docket for period of 1866 in Baltimore County we will not be able to include it in our findings.

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