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Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc.,

Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc.

Here's what clients have to say about our work:

Wonderful Experience
"What a wonderful experience having a professional genealogist conduct research for my family! I am impressed with the meticulous recording of sources used and copies of original documents. The written report is a pleasure to read, and provides insight to the thought process and logic used to track the information. There has been clear, pleasant email communication throughout. The entire process has been very impressive - thank you!"
- Kathy P., CA

So Grateful
"It is to our pleasure that we continue to use the full resources of Legacy Tree to discover our past and pave our nearest future. The journey continues because, we are ready to work on discovering our Grandmother's Father's side next through Legacy Tree. Our team at Legacy has become our second family and has provided us with the knowledge we never knew about our family. We are so grateful for Legacy Tree Genealogy."
-David A. R., TX

Greatly Pleased
"I was greatly pleased with the binder which was filled with so many clues and possibilities for further research. I noticed so many clues that I had missed when I had begun my study. Having it pointed out has already helped me find the ancestral line of William Reeves Thompson's wife!....I know that Salt Lake City is the center in this country for genealogy records so it was only logical that I would want a company that would have access to the most pertinent family records."
-Edward C., MO

Wonderful Work
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I am so very impressed by the work that has been done here. And, even though I know this is the job that ya'll do and that ya'll get paid for, but so very sincerely, thank you for the wonderful work that you have done for my family and me. My aunts and uncles are so very appreciate of this, which has given then some sense of belonging....So, again, THANK YOU!!!!!"
- Sophia P., GA

Extremely Impressed
"I felt very good after receiving the results. I was extremely impressed with the binder and having the results scanned and already on a website. The documentation was scholarly and I am able to share it easily with family members. The whole experience was very professional....I checked with several people and felt their comments about you warranted investing our money with you. I feel our money was well spent."
- Laurel P., UT

Wide Range of Experience
"My experience with Legacy Tree was excellent. I hope to continue with Legacy Tree in the future as my projects move forward. The genealogist was very helpful in getting my questions answered and found new areas in which to explore. Thank you. I chose Legacy Tree for my research partners because of their wide range of experience in all areas and geographic experience and they were reasonable priced as well. I will use Legacy Tree again in the future as I am sure other problems will need to be solved and they have the resources to find the answers and are genuinely happy to do the investigations."
- Kenton H., AL

"How can I ever say "thank you" enough. [You were] wonderful and always responsive. I read my book cover to cover the first night!"
- Mary C., UT

Great Report!
"Great report! I was really surprised by the information in the report. I had no idea about my great grandfather being a pharmacist! The folder I received was beautiful."
- Nora R., TX

Sincerely Grateful
"I wanted to write and say this is all very exciting for me....I've waited so many years and now to have all this information is fascinating. I'm reading over it again in a minute. I am sincerely grateful to you all. You have no idea what you all have opened up to me. I am thrilled....I hope you are aware of the happiness this has brought me. I've told my friends, I didn't care if 'Granny' was a pirate, didn't care what any of them were, only wanted to know....I'm truly blessed and thank you with all my heart. This could not have been easy, since I sent you very little information...You've given me more information than I ever expected."
- Abbie C., SC

Wonderful Job
"Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did on my project. I have read the binder at least twice already and each time I broke down emotionally, something I haven't done in years. You have no idea how it makes one feel to know they are not a "mongrel," that there were people/relatives in the past who lived their lives, fought for their beliefs and overcame hardships to carry on the family name. I am so proud of my heritage. If only I had known in my younger days it may have encouraged me to excel even more than what I have. By knowing one's past you have a springboard to achieve greater goals....I haven't felt this good in a long, long time. Thank you for putting to rest (no pun intended) myths and folklore that had no basis. I would very much like to continue on with the recommendations suggested."
- Kenn B., FL

Marvelous Work
"I want to thank you all for the marvelous work that has been done since 2006. The research genealogists at Legacy Tree find records that I can never find, and have access to avenues of research that I would never know about. Having done some amateur genealogy work, I can truly appreciate your efforts and findings to date to enrich my knowledge of the past. Thank you."
- Joseph H., WA

Such a Great Gift
"You all did an outstanding job researching our family....I've been telling everyone that your creative resources of family trees makes such a great gift. You will hear back from me soon to continue the search. Thank you soooo much."
- Stephanie D., FL

I Will Use You Again
"I really enjoyed my experience with you guys and I will use you again. Thanks again for all your help. I loved my final project."
- Jannette K., UT

"Please extend my thanks to all who worked on my family tree project...I look at all the neat stuff you guys came up with [and] all I can say besides 'thank you' is WOW! Your results have re-ignited my desire to learn as much as I can about myfamily...Again, thank you so much. Your efforts were much appreciated."
- Vanessa S., NJ

"Fantastic!! The work was thorough, informative, and easy to follow. The presentation binder is full of treasurable information and the web site is a significant plus as I have forwarded that information to several relatives."
- John C., MN

"I am pleased with what you were able to find and to confirm that I was on the right track. I have found that there are many others working on the same lines, but I was not always sure their information was correct. You have provided documents to substantiate the family connections."
- David N., WA

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