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Family History 4 Me


We offer a professional, friendly and personal service to our customers and it is always pleasing to receive their letters describing how we have managed to help them. Many of our customers come back to us again and again. Many too live oversees and are the descendants of British emigrants. Here is a sample of what some have written to us. It will give you a idea of the sort of work were routinely undertake.

Dear -,

This is just a quick note to thank you for all your stirling work in tracking down our English ancestors. When I discovered that my Gt.Gt.Grandmother Mary Smith from New York had emigrated to the U.S. from Birmingham, England in the 1840s I hadn’t held out much hope of ever uncovering my British roots. Thanks to your help I can now link the family to Gloucester & the Black Country. .......My wife & I will be over (to the UK) in April ..... we look forward to meeting you then as arranged and to continuing to use your services.

Yours A.D

City: Portland, USA

Dear -,

Thanks once again for your help. Your research help clear up some of the mystery why my gt. grandfather John ****** decided to leave Coventry and to come to Australia to seek his fortune. ...... Guess every family has a Black Sheep....... certainly explains why grandparents always refused to talk about that side of the family......it should make interesting reading when I finally get round to writing that book for my children ........ my husband is arranging to send you more funds to continue the research. Happy hunting !

Yours H.T.

City: Melbourne, Australia.

Dear -,

Thank you for tracing my grandfather’s marriage and for sending me the certificate. I’d given up trying to find it years ago. I now have a whole new line of the family I can explore.

I shall be happy to recommend you to my friends.

Yours J.S


Dear ,

Wow that’s great ! Thanks for all your hard work. I could never get anywhere researching our family tree but you’ve cracked it . I suppose there’s no substitute for experience. You advertised a ‘Professional’ service and that’s what I received. My partner’s mother is interested in researching her Dad’s family so you may be getting some more work soon. Thanks once again for excellent work

Yours T.W

City: Gosport,Hampshire,ENGLAND

Dear -,

I wanted to give my children a proper record of our family history and not just a box of old photos. The Presentation you made for us from the results of your research was delightful. I regard it as a “ family heirloom “ that they will pass pass down to their children when they are older. I wish my family had done this for me. So much information & memories get lost if you don’t write it down. Every parent should do it. Thank you for your help.

Yours F.T

City: Guildford,Surrey,ENGLAND

Dear -,

Thank you for your report containing the results of the research we commissioned. We were amazed that you were able to discover so much about the family tree. Once we’ve fully assimilated all the information you sent we’ll be contacting you again to take the work further. Thank you once again.

Yours K.C

City: Christchurch,NEW ZEALAND.

Dear -,

Thank you for your interesting report which certainly answers many of the questions we had about the Dudley branch of the family. ..... The background you were able to provide regarding the poor social and economic conditions of the area at that time I think provides the key why they took the brave step to come to New York. ......... What do you suggest we need to explore now ? Yours C & J.E

New England, USA

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