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Ancestral Footsteps

Jacqueline Aldridge

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Travel into the past with Ancestral Footsteps: a new family history experience that sends you on an exhilarating journey back in time – with first class treatment all the way.

The founder of Ancestral Footsteps, Sue Hills, came up with the concept of bespoke genealogical vacations whilst working on the hit BBC series ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Several of the celebrities, involved in exploring their family history on air, suggested to her that their friends and associates would also love the chance to experience this once in a lifetime journey.

The result is Ancestral Footsteps, a finely tailored service, which helps private individuals discover their own roots in Great Britain, Europe and beyond. With our extensive network of researchers, historians and local fixers, this exclusive form of time travel takes you on an emotional journey in the footsteps of your ancestors. Our bespoke packages include intensive background research on your ancestry, luxury travel arrangements, a dedicated researcher accompanying you throughout your journey, your own personal commemorative ancestral album and the option of a unique film documenting the whole experience.


In order to design a rewarding itinerary for your journey, we will need to conduct many months of background research on your behalf.
To get the full picture we need to draw on the techniques of both genealogical and family history research. Genealogy traces the names, dates and relationships between your ancestors in order to construct your lineage. In contrast, family history will help you step into the shoes of your forebears and understand the reality of their lives and experience.
When we have uncovered and traced your genealogy, our next challenge is to bring the names on birth certificates alive. We may discover that your roots lie in remote communities in Ireland, Poland, Jamaica, India or elsewhere around the world. We will comb the archives and identify the experts who can tell us what life was like for your family at that time and help fill you in with the historical events that touched their lives. We will source new documentation and background material and when we have done a thorough ‘recce’ of all the locations you will visit, we are then ready to take you on your unique journey.

* We can also offer DNA research in order to complement your genealogical research. This most recent and exciting development enables you to find out about your ancestors' ethnic background and how they have migrated through the world.


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