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checkThere are hundreds of companies trying to sell Internet advertising space. Building the web site and providing email communications is the easy part. The challenge is to get customers to buy your services. is focused on advertising genealogy services and has quickly become a leader in this specialty.

You will get customers: is ranked in the top 1% of web sites in the world for visitor traffic. shows that is the top ranked genealogy professionals directory.

Our efficient design ensures low cost:

computerYou can get a listing for less than $3.33/month. Try the no obligation free trail. You can get a web presence elsewhere but how will you attract an audience like the one that visits

Others might build you a custom web site, but there is a cost for that and there are additional costs to change your web site. There are many people with inaccurate web sites who say they don't know how to fix it themselves and they can't find someone to do the work at a reasonable price. At, you build your own web page yourself and change it easily without any technical expertise.

You already have a web site somewhere else:

searchGood! But will anyone find it? Getting a web site is easy, attracting an audience is something else. already has a regular audience and is listed with search engines. You can do this yourself, but it takes money and lots of time. Your listing at includes a link to your existing web site and visitors will follow that link to your other web site. This link will increase the search engine ranking of your other web site.

You need a partner with Internet eXpertise:

partnerYou are You are the genealogy eXpert. wants to be your Internet partner and provide you with the Internet services you need to be a successful professional.  This includes both;

  • technical services
    • web pages and web sites
    • email services
  • marketing services
    • getting visitors to your web site
    • connecting with visitors through the online discussion forums

cautionThere are hundreds of companies trying to sell internet marketing. Some of these companies are fraudulent and most have services that are not effective. Many of these services focus on search engine registration and ranking and are ineffective because of the constant changes to search engine ranking algorithms. They may have been effective in the past but they aren't now. Unfortunately, many of these companies are still trying to sell these ineffective services.  >Why experiment? Subscribe with which specializes in genealogy and has proven traffic as shown by the independent Amazon/

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