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Reasons for a Web 2.0 Website for the Genealogy Professional

toolsWeb 2.0 websites support a collaborative environment where more that one person can contribute to the website. The website requires authentication and therefore your can restrict access to these type of website. This is ideal for sharing genealogical information where some of the information may be private and you may wish to restrict access to all or part of your website to specific family members. Access is controlled by requiring users to provide a name and password to access restricted parts of your website.

This type of website has been available at a cost to clients of for many years. An excellent example is at For those who wish to have their own domain name, this is an inexpensive and effective solution.

 Google has a similar free service for those who do not need their own domain names. The service is described at

Reasons for a Normal Website

Case Study -


fileGoogle states that if you wish to be found by their search engine amongst the millions of websites then you must provide lots of information content about the subject of your website. Ken Milano specializes in Philadelphia research. His website includes a significant amount of information about Philadelphia in his Encyclopaedia Kensingtoniana. The website contains over 150 web pages of informative Philadelphia history. Because of this information, this website appears as prominate website in the search results of a Google search of [genealogy kensington fishtown]. Check this yourself by visiting  The rule is to provide information about your subject and visitors will find your website via search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Because this website can be updated easily with your standard web browser, the information can be kept current.

CollaborationWebsite Collaboration

This website was created by Ken Milano with collaboration with other colleagues. The web 2.0 capabilities allowed multiple people to contribute to the information content of the website.

businessEcommerce Capability

Another feature of this website is the ability to do e-commerce and establish an environment where visitor can purchase multiple products via a typical shopping cart application.

It is with pride that the website is hosted by the associated service at

Questions about website development and hosting should be directed to

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