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infoeXpertGenealogy User Guide for Professionals

Your listing at is your advertisement of your services to the Internet world. Ensure that the content of your listing is appropriate and effective by reviewing the information at

The administration functions for your listing are available by selecting the FOR PROFESSIONALS pull down menu and then selecting the ADMINISTRATION item. You then login with your username and password. You are then presented with the following options. 

  • CHANGE PASSWORD - To change your password
  • CHANGE EMAIL - To change your contact or administration email addresses
  • MODIFY - To modify your listing content or change the importance/weight numbers for your specialties
  • LOOKUPS - To add to or modify fixed-price lookup services that will appears on the lookups web pages
  • EasySite - To modify the 10 web pages for your associated Easy Website
    • TRANSACTION HISTORY - To review your subscription and payment history and optionally display and print receipts of your payments
    • VISITOR STATS - To review visitors to your listing page
  • BOOKS - To add to or modify any books that you have authored
  • INQUIRIES - To review inquiries/enquiries and optionally confirm receipt and reply to your client
  • FORGOT - To have your password emailed the registered email address

If you have any problem receiving email messages or your inquiries/enquiries, you should periodically by logging to review them.
There is also a facility to reply to inquiries/enquiries that is important for those who cannot get email messages through to clients.


Please respond to all inquiries/enquiries. If the request is not for a service that you provide, please refer the request to so the request can be forwarded to a professional who provides the service.


There is a great deal of effort that goes into getting potential clients to contact our eXpertGenealogy professionals and so there is some additional effort to ensure that the messages are received.

The web page at describes how helps you manage your inquiries/enquiries. Each time a visitor enters an inquiries/enquiries on your listing page, an email messages is sent to you which includes a hyperlink that you can click to confirm receipt of the message.

You can confirm receipt of an inquiry/enquiry in one of the following ways.

  • Click on the link in the inquiry/enquiry email message
  • Log into your administration pages by entering your username and password and then click the the INQUIRIES menu and then click the CONFIRM link associated to the message you are confirming.

The most common problem in confirming receipt of an inquiry/enquiry is that your email program may "fold" the confirmation link address so that you are not submitting the entire address. If this is the case, you may need to cut and paste the entire link address into your browser address line.

If you are not receiving each inquiry/enquiry message then your spam filter is likely blocking your messages. You will need to configure your spam filter to allow the inquiries/enquiries to be received.

If you are unsuccessful in confirming receipt of a message then a reminder of the inquiry/enquiry will be sent to you. The reminder is simply a message and does not imply any other concern.

Note that spam continues to cause havoc with email systems and you may wish to review the email problem information on the web page at


You can modify the information on your listing pages at any time. The web page at describes the Specialty Directory Ranking criteria and explains the meaning of the Importance/Weight numbers associated with each specialty. You can modify the Specialty Importance/Weight numbers at any time.

Note that over time, additional specialty directories have been added to You should review the directories and ensure that your listing is included in all that are appropriate.

The two longest directories in the past have been

Because not all those listed in these directories had national capabilities, these directories have been rename to "UKsome UK" and "USAsome USA" and new directories have been added for

The intent is that only those with truly national capabilities will be listed in the new directories and therefore those listed must also be included in all regional directories for that country. Please ensure that your listing is included in the appropriate directories.


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