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Directory Ranking Criteria

Like other Internet advertising systems (eg. Google Adsense), the directories at are listed in a order based on the amount paid for the listing advertisement. This amount is divided into each of the research specialty directories. For example, a listing included in 10 directories for which a $90 fee has been paid, will have $9 allocated to each directory whereas a $40 listing for one directory only, will have the entire $40 allocated to one directory. A weighting factor (IMPORTANCE) can be assigned to each directory so that more is assigned to certain directories.

The directory ranking scheme lets you control your own ranking within the specialty directories. Five factors are involved;

(1) Annual subscription fees paid for the current year (CurrentFees)
Purpose: Highest ranking for those who pay the highest fees

(2) Annual subscription fees prepaid for future years (Prepayments)
Purpose: Prepayments provide a ranking boost for the time before they are due

(3) Total accumulated continuous fees paid for all services for all years (TotalFees)
Purpose: Reward long time loyal clients

(4) The number of research specialty directories.
Example specialty directories are; USmidwest, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Military, Adoption, etc.
Purpose: Ensure that clients don't specify excessive specialties

(5) A number representing the relative importance of a particular research specialty (IMPORTANCE)
Purpose: Allow clients to indicate which specialties are most important

  • Specifying an IMPORTANCE number of 2 for England research and 1 for USA research means your listing will rank higher in the England directory and lower in the USA directory than if the numbers were equal.

The ranking is based on a score that is calculated as follows;

  • SCORE = (CurrentFees + Prepayments + TotalFees) x IMPORTANCE(of this research specialty relative to all other specified specialties)
    Because CurrentFees and Prepayments are included in TotalFees, they have twice the weight of past payments

The IMPORTANCE factor is calculated as follows;

  •  IMPORTANCE(of this research specialty) / SUM of IMPORTANCE(of all specified specialties)

You can control your ranking either by

  • Making advanced payments for future subscription years thereby increasing your total accumulated fees paid, or
  • Adjusting your IMPORTANCE numbers for research specialties
    • Increase the numbers for specialties where you want to appear higher in the directory ranking

To make any changes to your eXpertGenealogy listing web page, use the LOGIN button at the bottom of the page. Enter your password and the press the MODIFY button. You will then have the option to specify an IMPORTANCE number associated with each research specialty.  If you have forgotten your password, use the FORGOT button and your password will be sent to you by email.

Consider the following example.

Two professionals, #1 and #2, each have USA and England as research specialties. One has purchased the Enhanced Listing Service at CurrentFees=$50 and the second has the Basic Listing Service with CurrentFees=$40. Each has subscribed for their second year, so the accumulated fees for each is $80 and $100 respectively. If the both have accepted the default IMPORTANCE number of 1 for both specialties then they will both have the SUMofIMPORTANCE=2 and will be ranked as follows;

USA Directory England Directory
First Place:     Score1 = ($50 + $100) x 1/2 = 75
Second Place: Score2 = ($40 + $80) x 1/2 = 60
First Place:     Score1 = ($50 + $100) x 1/2 = 75
Second Place: Score2 = ($40 + $80) x 1/2 = 60

The result above is that half the accumulated fees is assigned equally to each specialty.

If professional #2 is a specialist in England research and is less of an expert in USA research, #2 may decide to assign an IMPORTANCE number of 9 to England research and 1 to USA research. In this manner, 90% of the accumulated fees are assigned to England and 10% to USA. The ranking will now be as follows;

USA Directory England Directory
First Place:     Score1 = ($50 + $100) x 1/2 = 75
Second Place: Score2 = ($40 + $80) x 1/10 = 12
First Place:     Score2 = ($40 + $80) x 9/10 = 108
Second Place: Score1 = ($50 + $100) x 1/2 = 75

In this manner, professional #2 obtains a higher ranking for the research specialty of higher importance.

How advanced prepayments for future service boost your ranking

Making advanced prepayments for future subscriptions years will boost your ranking and avoid price increases in the future. The value of your current year payment can be boosted by making a pre-payment for the following year. During the overlap period, the prepayment will add to your current year payment and therefore boost your ranking.

Case 1: Annual $50 payment   Case2: Annual $50 payment with
prepayment half a year ahead of schedule

   2014 $50   
   2015 $50   


2011 prepayment bonus  Ranked at $100 for
 overlap period

2014 $50
2015 $50

Calculation of Total Fees Rewards Continuity

The TotalFees amount is the accumulation of all fees paid for a continuous subscription. This provides a reward for those who maintain a continuous presences for their listing on For those who break the continuity of their subscription, the TotalFees will be the total of all fees for the most recent continuous subscription period, plus half of the previous subscription payments.

TotalFees = (total fees for the most recent continuous subscription period) + 50% x (previous subscription payments) 

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