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Pharos Teaching & Tutoring Limited, Helen Osborn

Pharos Teaching & Tutoring Limited

Helen Osborn
3 Beaford Grove
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Research Specialties
Speaker Training Speaker Training
Online Classes in British Genealogy

Welcome to Pharos Teaching and Tutoring

Take a journey into the past, into the lives of your ancestors.

Online instruction is the ideal way to learn family history search methods.

Pharos can help you improve Internet search skills and your record knowledge. We offer expert direction, small classes, chat sessions and flexibility.

• Easy to Get Started
• Lessons Come to You
• Study on Your Own Time
• Chat About Genealogy
• Share and Get Help
• Sign Up Today!

Those of us at Pharos have definite ideas about good teaching and enjoy helping others get the most out of family history. We want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you.
Sherry Irvine


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