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WAYNE COUNTY PROBATE RECORDS - 1701 thru Dec 31 2003

(1701 thru 1901 Index ) $10.00 Includes extractions for one selected Surname and all first names associated with this Surname. Probate file # "s and organized by those individual names with their relationship , ages, to the primary deceased probate file. Incompetent and Guardianship papers also are under the Probate jurisdicition. Upon receipt of this information with the corresponding Probate File # You will then be able to order a microfilm copy of the file (s) from your local FHC library or if you prefer, I can order the microfilm and make copies of the file for a moderate fee

( 1902 thru 1980 ) $20.00 due first for a ( 5 yr ) Probate search to validate/locate if file exists and covers the return trip to the Probate Division . These records are in storage, a two week wait is required from date of request to obtain from storage. The stored file is then viewed, tally of total # of pages, notations made for general contents of Will; Executor, listing of heirs and relationships, Probate # and when probate file was initated and closed. You will then be notified via email of info found within the file and should you desire any copies of the file: the associated fee will be quoted for County Clerks copying fees, postage & physical pickup ( 3rd trip to the Clerk) of the desired papers in the Probate File.

(1981 thru 2003) $15.00 due first for a ( 5 yr ) Probate Search to validate/locate if file exists with the Clerk. File is readily available and reviewed with notations as above. You will also be advised via email of information found and # of pages as stated above and if further action is desired.

NOTE: There Are Two Types of Wills
TESTATE - The deceased had written a dated and witnessed letter/form/ and it was
submitted by the Exectuor ( s ) to the Court for recording and its fullfilment
INTESTATE - The deceased had not written a date and witnessed letter/form/will This generally occurs when the decedant died suddenly, left no legal heirs (spouse, children, siblings ) or had no assets

Wayne County Clerk fixed charges plus Research Service Fee
$2. 25 per page for Non Certified or regular copies
$10. 00 for 1st page and $1. 00 for each added page for Certified plus $2. 25 per page

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