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Philadelphia Genealogical & Historical Research, Kenneth Milano

Philadelphia Genealogical & Historical Research

Genealogy & Historical Research

As a client you will receive a written report with full citations to sources consulted, weather it had a positive or negative result, along with suggestions for further research and a calendar of sources consulted (what, where, when), as well as a report of how I spent my time. You will also receive photocopies of those documents that I am able to photocopy and abstracts of those that cannot be copied. If you want full transcriptions rather then abstracts, that can also be done, but takes longer. If photographs were ordered you will get those as well. I will also provide a detailed invoice for services rendered and expenses incurred. After our initial contracted hours have passed, you can then at this point consider me to do further research, or you may prefer to do the additional research yourself based on suggestions that I make.

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