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Frequently Asked Questions about the Easy Web Site

QWhat is easy about the Easy Web Site?

AThe Easy Web Site is easy in that you do not need an HTML editor program like FrontPage or DreamWeaver. You create your web site by filling in a form with the page label and the page content for up to ten pages. Adding and changing text is very easy.  If you want to add text formatting and graphics, then you must add HTML code to your content and it becomes less easy. Updates are easy and do not require FTP uploading; simply make your corrections in a form.

QWhat do I do once I subscribe for the Easy Web Site?

AOnce you get notification that your listing has been upgraded to the Easy Web Site, you can start using your site.

QWhat is the address of the site?

AThe address is  Initially, it will be blank, until you add some content.

QHow do I add content?

ATo make any modifications to your information, you go to your web page at and scroll to the bottom of the page and then press the Login button. On the administration login page, enter your password and then press the Login button. In the Modification screen, scroll to the bottom and you will find fields to specify ten menu items to label each of the ten pages and ten large fields to specify the content of each of the ten pages. You can either type in the text or cut and paste it from some source. If you wish to include formatting or pictures, you must specify HTML code. If you do not understand HTML code, it is recommended that you simply use text on your Easy Web Site.

Click here for the HTML help page.

QThe line spacing is not working as expected!

AIf the first character of the content is a '<' character, then the content is assumed to be HTML and all line spacing must be defined by HTML. If the first character is not a '<' then every new line appears as a new line in you page.

QHow do I define the banner at the top of each page?

AIt is assumed that you will create your own banner for a graphics program like Microsoft Paint. You can also specify a default banner of To store it on the server, you must send it by email to


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