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HTML Help for Professionals

Both the Basic Listing and the Easy Web Sites can be enhanced by using HTML.
Here are some hints.

QHow do I include HTML in my page?

AAny HTML code can easily be added to a page. If you view an existing web page, you can get the HTML code by activating the View Source option of your browser. You can then cut and page the Source HTML code.  Only copy the content of the Body of the HTML content, i.e. everything between the <Body> and </Body> tags.

You can use HTML to format your text. For example, if you enter the following code;

    This is an example of making <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i> text.

will produce the following on a web page;

    This is an example of making bold and italic text.

QHow do I add color to text?

AIn this example, adding the code
<font color=#FF0000>RED</font> <font color=#008000>GREEN</font><font color=#0000FF>BLUE</font>
will display RED GREEN BLUE

QHow do I include scrolling marquee text  on my page?

AIn this example, adding the code
<marquee>This is scrolling marquee text!</marquee>

will display the following;   This is scrolling marquee text!

QHow do I include a picture on my page?

AIf a picture already exists on the internet, all you need to do is include the HMTL code.
For example adding the text <img src=images/info.jpg> will display the following;

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