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Frequently Asked Questions about hosting your web site at

QWhat is hosting?

AWeb hosting is simply providing a service to store and deliver the pages of your web site. Some refer to this as web publishing. This is normally provided by a company called ISP or Internet Service Provider. provides hosting in partnership with

QWhy host with provides web hosting services. Fees paid for web hosting contributes toward your listing's ranking in the research specialty directories. To see the list of services and fees, click here. Information on directory ranking is at

QHow do I transfer my web site to

ASimply publish your web site to your address at (subdomain hosting) or (full hosting) or contact Publishing your site is controlled by username and password.

QCan I loose control of my web site?

ANo.  You build your web site pages on a local computer and then upload or publish your site to a hosting service or ISP like If you wish to move your web site to another hosting service, you simply publish your web site to the new hosting service.

QCan I loose control of my domain name?

ANo.  When you register a domain name (like, you establish a username and password with the domain registrar (eg. You will specify that your domain name is redirected or forwarded to your site at If you choose to move your web site to another hosting service in the future, you simply use your password to change the forwarding address to whatever you want.

QWhat if goes out of business?

ATeam Approach Limited was incorporated in 1976 is the owner operator of The high web traffic ranking of ensures that it is a valuable asset that will not be terminated. In addition, ongoing revenues exceed ongoing operational costs and will sustain the operation of the web site for the future.

In fact, the web site hosting is separate from the operation of Web site hosting is provided by In the unlikely event that Team Approach Limited or were to fail, your web site would continue to be hosted at and after your service period expires, you could continue to renew your hosting service for the future. If you wanted to transfer your web site to another hosting provider, you can simply transfer your domain name and then publish your web site elsewhere. Entrenet Communications Inc. is the owner of and would be pleased to provide services to you directly. Information about Team Approach Limited is at Information about Entrenet Communications Inc. and theHostingService are at and

QHow do I filter Spam?








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