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Evergreen Ancestry, Anne Mealia

Evergreen Ancestry

With very little to go on initially you have succeeded in tracing my family’s history much further back than I had originally imagined possible. And best of all is the fact one can be quite sure of the results, since they are based on the original documents; some of the early wills are, for someone like myself, virtually unreadable. Your enthusiasm and persistence throughout the search has certainly made a great difference. I also found that the background historical information you were able to bring to the task was valuable.
Dr C., London

Evergreen Ancestry assisted me when I could not move my family history search forward. Their expertise got the search back on track and gave me confidence to proceed. Insightful knowledge of this area, approachability, professionalism and patience made the difference, discovering much more than I could have achieved on my own.
Mr A., Bedfordshire

I just want to say that your work is quite splendid. It is so beautifully presented it is a pleasure to read and it reflects the care you have taken with every aspect of the work.
Mrs F., Cambridgeshire

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