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Periodically such newsleters as EOGN ([Dick] Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, free version at and paid version at will post lists of available on-line resources.

There was such a post yesterday in EOGN that I found interesting if for no other reason than while I am aware of the reputation of specific libraries included as having impressive collections of genealogical information, if only by virtue of their having been subscribers to the magazines I formerly published [;)>], I wasn’t aware of the extent of the content that is both on-line and fully searchable. Thus, I will be added this list to the resources I use.

That said, Dick points out aspects of the same that many newcomers probably would not consider and even seasoned veterans might overlook.

Additionally, there are in the “comments” section, additional information posted by subscribers that you should read as well.

That said, there is a caution that Dick did not include here as he typically does.

These resources are largely, if not entirely, published books, not original civil or religious records. There is thus the potential for transcription errors. Accordingly, the resources found should not be considered the ending point for any given piece of information, but rather a way station, if not visitor’s center, on the information highway, where you are given directions to your ultimate destination!

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