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Get a temporary boost to your web visitor traffic for only $79.98. This service will deliver a minimum of 100 additional visits to your eXpertGenealogy listing. This is accomplished by displaying advertisements linking to your listing on search engine results. Microsoft's Sponsored Search service is used to display advertisements on Bing, Yahoo, and AltaVista. The time period for these visits is unspecified and depends on many factors, but is expected over many months. Send a message to if you wish to get faster results.

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We all want more visitors to our web sites and there are many companies who offer schemes to increase your visitor traffic. How do you know which schemes will work and which companies can you trust. The two dominate players in this business are Microsoft Search Marketing and Google.

Maybe you would like to read about my experience first before you spend your money.

When you look for solutions to increase the number of visitors to your web site, their are many fraudulent, ineffective, and out-of-date schemes. It is difficult to determine which are legitimate and which are ineffective. There is no doubt that Yahoo and Google are legitimate marketing companies, but they are impersonal if you have a small budget for advertising.

It Looks Easy!

There is a lot of information from Google regarding their Search Marketing. You need to read it all and understand it to know what you are getting. It seemed simple enough. You commit to spend a monthly budget and you pay for visitors who click the advertisement that links to your website. How can you lose?

You need to pick combination of keywords for your business. The idea is that when someone uses Google Search, they search for keywords. When someone searchers keywords that match your specified keywords, you advertisement MAY appear with the search results. Your advertisement MAY NOT appear even for users who search for your specified keywords, if some other advertiser specifies the same keywords and bids a higher amount for their advertisements. In fact for many searchers, multiple advertisements appear. The advertiser who pays the most gets the top spot and those who pay less appear further down the page. Some advertisers only appear on the second or third page of the search results!

Maybe Not So Easy!

If you bid he minimum for your advertisements, you may find that unfortunately, no one was clicking on your advertisements. You don't need to pay for the advertisement unless someone click on it, BUT you are still committed to the monthly budget. You can get more click-throughs either by registering more keyword combinations or increasing your bid for a click from the minimum. You need to increase your bid amount until you received enough traffic to spend over the minimum budget amount.

You are committed to the monthly budget unless you remove all of your advertisements before the start of the month. If your advertising account becomes inactive, you will be sent a warning that there would be a delay to get your account activated again.

It is a Learning Experience!

If you are an independent researcher, you may be completely swamped with work one month and have nothing the next month and want to take vacation time the next moth. Your advertising needs are probably not constant every month. 

eXpertGenealogy Service

This is where the collective activity of eXpertGenealogy can be a benefit.  eXpertGenealogy will commit to pay-for-click advertising on an ongoing basis. If you wish to commit to the minimum advertising and understand the mechanisms to make it work, you should sign up directly with Microsoft or Google and use their services. If you want an easier solution, use the PayPal button at the top of this page to make a payment to eXpertGenealogy.

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